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About site

Site description (highlights):

((( I apologize for my English. I learn it )))

Site Type:

○ Information descriptive (not so much useful information, as a simple description of my actions in certain life situations (circumstances), as well as thoughts and conclusions).
○ In the form of a blog (personal diary, chronological magazine with thematic categories).


The target audience:

○ No restrictions (site - international).
○ Countries, peoples, races, languages ​​and religions do not matter.


Site Topics:

○ Сareful handling of nature. Ecology.
○ Household economic issues: how and what to eat, drink; how to dress, warm up; how to live comfortably.
○ ICT (information and communication technologies).
○ Transport.

○ I will try not to touch on topics such as:
- Politics;
- Economics;
- Other areas of activity of superior persons;
- The theme of the world view (faith, religion, a holistic understanding of the world).
Such topics often lead to disputes and mutual misunderstandings (so we will stay away from such themes).


Language and regionality of the site:

○ Website - multilingual and multiregional, aimed at the public from different countries and continents, with different languages ​​of communication.



○ Most likely, non-fixed. And as simple as possible.


Available feedback (interactivity):

○ While there is none.
○ But I plan to add comments to articles (posts), E-mail, etc. in the future.


Headings, sections of the site:

○ I will try to correlate the topic of posts with catalogs as precisely as possible.



○ I will try not to criticize, not to offend, not to evaluate anyone (personally) through the site.
○ It is "try", not the fact that this will not happen at all.


Technical side:


Domain zone (first level domain):

○ I have chosen an international general-purpose domain ".com".


Domain level for the site:

○ I chose the 2nd level, which is not free.
○ In my opinion, unlike the third level, the second level is more convenient from the point of view of building and maintaining the site.
○ And, in my opinion, such site is easier for advertising.


Domain Name:

○ Complete confusion in thoughts, frozen mind, brain overload and loss of reality.
○ This is what sometimes happens when choosing the domain name of your site and, possibly, the future brand.
○ About this state (for a very long period of time) I had because of selection of a second-level domain.

○ And all because my Russian surname in international using (through translit in the Latin alphabet) is very complicated (difficult to read, difficult to write, difficult to remember).
○ In addition, there are many variations for its sounding and writing (the letter "Щ" has several variants of writing in Latin, with the letters "к" and "ь" smaller problems).

○ Here are just some of the variants of typing a surname (in fact, the variance list is much larger):
- Shekutyev; Shekut'ev;
- Schekutyev; Schekut'ev;
- Shhekutyev; Shhekut'ev;
- Shchekutyev; Shchekut'ev;
(the apostrophe is technically possible);

- Shecutyev; Shecut'ev;
- Schecutyev; Schecut'ev;
- Shhecutyev; Shhecut'ev;
- Shchecutyev; Shchecut'ev;

- Shekutev; Shekutiev; Shekutjev;
- Schekutev; Schekutiev; Schekutjev;
- Shhekutev; Shhekutiev; Shhekutjev;
- Shchekutev; Shchekutiev; Shchekutjev;

- Shecutev; Shecutiev; Shecutjev;
- Schecutev; Schecutiev; Schecutjev;
- Shhecutev; Shhecutiev; Shhecutjev;
- Shchecutev; Shchecutiev; Shchecutjev;

○ Due to this complexity, I decided to choose something simpler instead of a surname.
○ I have been choosing for a very long time. I chose, chose, and chose again.
○ I've probably gone through hundreds and hundreds of different kinds of words and their combinations.
○ I stayed on some fairly sane variants (quite such normal names, brief, easy to remember, and clearly sounding).
○ But in the last moments I changed my mind to register them (there were good reasons).

○ And again I went back to my last name.
○ And again I fell into a confusion ...
○ Again, this brainwashing, cerebral rinse, and drying with a squeeze ...
○ Damn ... I do not envy people who fall into my situation.

○ In short ... I chose this kind of domain: "". So here ...

○ I calm myself about this choice with the following arguments:

1) The site is not from any organization, but from me personally.
Therefore, it is desirable to call it my own name (surname), and not a fictional word.

2) A personal word (last name in this case) belonging to one person, or a narrow group of namesake people, will not attract people with other surnames.
Therefore, competition in terms of name will be minimal.

3) There is no chance to run into someone else's Brand or even the Trademark.

4) There is no need for legal protection of brand.
Such a domain, I hope, certainly will not be withdrawn (will not be snatched) by registration of the Trade Mark.
If anything, I can show my passport, which indicates the Russian version of the name (similar in sound).
After all, it is a kind of like lawyers have such note, as "The right to a personal name."

5) Through my surname I promote myself personally, and in an international format.
The downside of this promotion is a huge personal responsibility.


How to split the site into languages:

○ Selection of the three most popular solutions:
1) Level 2 for each language;
2) Level 3 for each language (subdomains);
3) Subdirectories of the 2nd level.

○ For me it was also a very, very difficult choice.
○ After long and long ordeals and self-torture I chose the third option (but only for some languages).
○ For certain languages ​​(due to restrictions), I will probably have to choose other options.



○ Since I have a second-level domain, then there is a question about hosting, which will also be paid.
○ I'll have to shell out.


Website Engine (CMS):

○ For now, without it, we'll start with the most simple table layout (using a template file with markup), without dynamics.
○ I'm just used to static.
○ I like it when I'm familiar with all "100%" of system (when I know "in the face" every nut, bolt and washer, what and how it works).

○ Then, maybe I'll start using the dynamics (comments, for example), and I'll move towards CMS.
○ I'll have to, perhaps.
○ Either the engine with the generation of static pages.



○ At this time I use one (since the site is one), located on the territory of the Russian Federation.
○ In the future site will be splited and splited into languages, therefore may be I will use more servers.


Program for content creation:

○ Probably DreamWeaver, or something similar.


Multi (cross) platform support (supported platforms):

○ Now I have nothing else except my netbook.
○ I have OS Windows XP, browser - Google Chrome.
○ In general, I will now rely on this, and then we'll see (it will be seen).



Usability, Interface;


Number of nesting levels;


Indexing by search engines;


Conversion of traffic:

Contextual advertising (mainly).


Statistics (counters):



Technologies used on the pages:

○ May be something else (it will be seen).



○ In a minimum. Since this is a personal blog (diary);


Interactivity (feedback):

○ While there is no feedback (the site is static, so there is a problem with this).
○ In the future I will try to use comments under articles (posts), may be I will add something else (we'll see).
○ I will try to solve it.

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