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Wheelbarrow for waste from shops

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Manufacturing process:


- I took an ordinary two-wheeled metal wheelbarrow which is used to transport a jar of water.
- Nothing added or removed.

Wheelbarrow for water jar


- I took a wooden box (tray, bed) that fit the size.
- Nailed long wooden sticks to tray on 3 sides (front, left and right side).

- Under the tray from the back side, I nailed 2 more wooden sticks (they can be seen on the photo below).
- With these sticks, sticking out from the behind, the tray can be inserted into the gap between the axis and the arc on the wheelbarrow, that ensures the fixation and balance of the wooden construction.

wooden tray for wheelbarrow

- I fix the front of the tray with a usual rope (one end of the rope is tied to the front wall of the tray, the second - I wind on the metal handle of the wheelbarrow).

- To keep the load during transportation, there is a special long rope tied to the back wall of the tray.
- After loading, the load can be tied with a rope both along and across the tray.


- Then I installed the entire wooden structure on the metal wheelbarrow.

- It turned out quite a simple design (both in manufacturing, and in using, and in repair).

Wheelbarrow for waste from shops

- Occasionally I had to transport very heavy loads on it (about 100 kg at a time).

- Several times in 3 years I did minor repairs.
- 1 time changed the wheel.
- 1 time overhaul the tray (replaced the back wall with a solid thick board, reinforced the sides with 2 powerful boards).

- Tray - removable, so with the same wheelbarrow I go to the column for water with a jar (just take off a wooden tray before that).

- Pros: free, compact, easy to manufacture, to repair and to use.
- Cons: manual traction (without the engine), partial support of gravity on myself (front wheels are not present), tray size is not enough (although at the moment it often suffices), a heavy tray, poor appearance.


Where I use it:

- For about 3 years, I was carrying garbage from one of the city shops to my yard.

- Many tons of garbage were transported by wheelbarrow during this time.

Waste from shop

- I used it and still use it for wood chopping (I move a bundle of two tires, a cleaver and a bag with tools).

Firewood chopping equipment

- When I was engaged in growing vegetables on other people's plots, I transported my share of grown crops to my yard.

- I tried to use it when I was carrying chopped firewood to the woodpile. It turned out quite uncomfortable. It is much more convenient in this case to use an ordinary garden wheelbarrow.

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